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Swag Club stands tall

By Dylan Dickson

Swag Club, founded by Ms. Key, started in November.

“Swag club is involved in the design process of school merchandise. Club members will also experience a business atmosphere and how to bring designs to life,” says the 21-22 Heritage activities brochure.
This club has been adding members since it began.

“We have only had a couple meetings so far, but it seems that each week, at least an additional person joins. So we’re slowly getting some more people,” shares Jessica Key, the club sponsor.
Key also elaborated on why students are joining the club.

“I think more people are joining every week because they’re interested in making unique designs for people to wear and also having the experience of not only designing what goes on the clothing but getting the experience of how to actually put that design into the computer and get t-shirts printed and running the business side of it. So I think students are joining just because they get a little bit of experience in both worlds,” states Key.

Swag Club members have expressed that they love this club.

“I have enjoyed it and I think that it is moving along pretty steadily!” exclaims James M., ’23.

James M. elaborates on why he started this club, saying, “I started it because I wanted to help the school community, and I wanted people to be able to represent Heritage by wearing cool clothes.”

The Swag Club has been working towards the goal of putting out designs soon. Swag Club meets every Friday from 3:35 p.m. to 5 p.m. after school in Room 1771x. Email Ms. Key for more information. Link to the Swag merchandise website is here and will open soon.

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