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Malik Reed Speaks to Bible Study Club

Malik Reed and Patrick V ’23 at the end of the Bible Study Club. Mr. Reed has had a long walk with Christ, and the club is very grateful they had the opportunity to talk with him about that.

Malik Reed, the outside linebacker of the Denver Broncos, came to Heritage High School on Thursday, May 5, when he spoke at the Bible Study Club.

Malik Reed, as well as his wife, Cidavia Reed, came to speak at the club about their walk and relationship with Christ. He spent the time speaking about his journey from high school, college, going undrafted in the NFL and eventually joining the Broncos.

Reed explained, “When I went off to college, I felt like I had a chance to develop my own relationship with God. Being off with myself, I felt like the opportunity to grow in my faith and grow with God, which helped me to grow into who I am as a person and as a man.”

Reed explained that when he went to college in Reno, Nevada, he knew it was the college for him, stating that when he got on the campus and they were talking about the school, it just felt like this is where God wanted him to be. He explained it as a tug on his heart.

In the same time frame, his wife Cidavia said, “I think that the most important thing is just finding ways to be intentional. Waking up, before you do anything, reading scripture and making sure God is a priority. Making sure that you are talking to Him throughout the day, creating quality time and moment to be with God.”

During the hour Reed was there, many students had questions about his walk. Samuel Forrester, an English teacher and sponsor of the club, shared his thoughts about the questions asked saying, “I think it was clear that the students listened to the story that he and his wife told. And I think students brought questions that were connected to the ideas that Mr. Reed was presenting in his story. So, I think it helped him expand and helped his wife to get in there and expand on her story and helped them relate to our students in a way that may have not been possible without those questions.”

Patrick V., ’23, a Bible Study Club member, shared about what he thought how the students at the club received the story shared by Reed explaining, “I thought that Mr. Reed’s presence definitely was a good change in pace for the group. He definitely gave a very compelling story about his career and relationship with God. Same with his wife. They had such great insights and that propelled the group’s discussions further in depth.”

With these things said, students should expect to see the club come back next year. The Bible Study Club started October 6, and is every Thursday from 3:45 to 4:45.

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