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Teacher Feature: Sandy Polizzotto

By: Em Barry

Sandy Polizzotto is a new center-based teacher at Heritage and is also a freshman advisory teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. 

This will be her 15th year teaching. Prior to teaching, she worked with Hacienda Colorado and Black-Eyed Pea to open restaurants. Polizzotto has taught special education at elementary, middle and high school levels. 

When her son was in high school, he participated in Unified sports, which is one factor that drew Polizzotto to Heritage. Another being the school culture. 

“I can tell that there’s a lot of respect and accountability and pride of being a part of this Heritage culture, so I love that,” says Polizzotto. 

One point of pride for Polizzotto is helping her center-based students participate in high school activities and be involved in the school community. 

“We want them to be at the dances, we want them to be at Homecoming and some of those things, right? And not be doing them with their parents,” she explains. 

In her free time, Polizzotto enjoys hiking, reading and volunteering with the Family Support Council for Developmental Pathways and Trailhead Communities. 

Her best method of contact is through her email, 

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