Near fire on the dance floor

The Back to School Dance. A yearly event that Heritage holds that is full of friends, games, and costumes.


Everything with the dance went as planned. Jenga and card games in the auxiliary gym, music and dancing in the main gym. Everybody was dressed up, dancing in a way that would not anger Mrs. Brethauer, and just having a great time. Then, at around 9:30 PM, the gym lights came on and students were forced to evacuate. Boos echoed throughout the gym. However, once news came out as to why students evacuated, everyone moved out quickly.

“I was pretty surprised when we were evacuated. I didn’t really understand what happened, and I was extremely confused and kind of scared” Jake B, ’26, stated

There were a lot of rumors about what happened at the dance, so here is the full truth:

According to Mrs. Riendeau, “The school gym is connected to a swamp cooler, which hydrates dry air in order to cool it. Due to the extremely wet summer that Colorado experienced, the cooler was not working as intended. Since the gym was hot and there was no cooler to calm it down, the pre-alarm went off to the district, which caused us to evacuate.”

So, that’s the story. Not as exciting or as nerve racking as anyone was hoping, but the truth is the truth. All rumors can now be put to rest. Stay Classy Heritage.

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