Mackleburg makes a difference

There is a new teacher at Heritage which many already know and love. Meet Vanessa Macklberg, one of the Biology teachers. She has been teaching for 15 years and previously worked at Goddard Middle School. 

So far, she loves Heritage but has found the geography of the school to be odd. 

“It’s really confusing, like really confusing but everyone is so welcoming. It’s super incredible what’s happening in this building.” says Macklberg. 

Something unexpected that happened to Macklberg was getting a senior advisory. 

“One thing was having a Senior advisory for my first year. I was just super unfamiliar with everything that they’ve gone through, and to have a Senior advisory was like…where do I start?” says Macklberg. 

As a new teacher she thought she would get a Freshman advisory and be able to grow with them, but is excited to give diplomas to the Senior class. As far as clubs go she has joined the Alpine Club and is very excited. At home, she enjoys baking (her favorite recipe is homemade cinnamon rolls), games, swimming and pulling weeds. Her family, which she loves very much, consists of her son Lane, Ruby, her sassy daughter and Nate, her free spirited son.  

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