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Mrs. Spratt begins climbing the Summit

Mrs. Elisa Spratt is the new psychologist and teacher for the Summit Program at Heritage. Mrs. Spratt joins Heritage from East High School in Denver Public Schools after working there for 12 years. 

The Summit program works with the learning support program to teach students important skills that will help them prepare for the rest of their lives.

“The content that I teach is more around the kind of stuff that you use in the rest of your life,” says Spratt.

Spratt is excited to learn more about the school culture and why things are the way they are at Heritage.

“I missed the Pep Rally on Friday, and I was really sad. It sounds like you guys really enjoy your Pep Rallies and games and dances, so I want to see all that stuff,” says Spratt.

Outside of school, Spratt enjoys cooking, gardening and doing things outdoors, such as mountain biking and hiking.

  Mrs. Spratt is happily married and has a daughter at Runyon.

When in school, Spratt enjoyed all of her classes, but most especially speech and debate and soccer.

“I like Heritage. It seems like everyone is pretty nice. Everyone seems like they have stuff they enjoy doing. So far, everyone I’ve met seems very kind and welcoming” says Spratt.

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