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Pep assembly brings back a sense of community

Seniors celebrating at the pep assembly. They have only experienced two of these back-to-school pep assemblies in their years at Heritage High School and did enjoy their last one. Picture by Josh Moore.

By Dylan Dickson

The pep assembly that happened August 20, 2021 at Heritage High School, was the first to happen in 730 days. For the first time since 2019, Heritage High School erupted, with the air full of cheers and clapping.
Freshmen and sophomores knew that there was going to be a big assembly, but nothing prepared them for the eruption of noise that happened when they first walked into the gym. The room had this happy energy in it, where pretty much everyone was smiling and cheering.

Stacy Riendeau, Principal of Heritage High School states,

“I think the freshmen expression was like ‘Wow, it’s really loud in here!’”

This was confirmed by Charlie Farrell ’25 who said,

“I was like, ‘Woah that’s a lot of people and it’s really hot in here.’”

When asked about how she feels about going back to pep assemblies after COVID, Riendeau exclaimed,

“I was so happy and excited. I think the energy in the room was great because kids didn’t have this for the longest time. And it just felt good to be back home, in a way. And to be able to hear that noise and feel the floor rocking a little bit again and to hear kids do cheers. I think that’s what high school is all about!”

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