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Teacher Feature: Naomi Ghobrial

By Gabe Thornber

This fall, Heritage gained another member to the Language Arts department: Naomi Ghobrial. 

Ms. Ghobrial is currently teaching both AP Literature and English 12. Being a new teacher for the 2022-2023 school year, her experience at Heritage has made an impact. 

“The culture and community has impressed me… everyone is supportive, courteous, kind, and there is lots of school spirit,” states Ghobrial. 

Ms. Ghobrial has been teaching for 21 years, first teaching 6th and 7th graders for three years and high school for 18 years. She has lots of experience teaching both AP Literature and AP Language.  

“One thing is seeing students grow and succeed both in class and out, as well as enjoying starting to think critically,” notes Ghobrial on her inspiration to teach her students.

Teachers in the past were a big inspiration for Ms. Ghobrial to start teaching, especially her high school Creative Writing teacher. . Ms. Ghobrial was married this May, and moved to Colorado from Texas this summer.  She is looking forward to the new experiences in Colorado, such as seeing school spirit here firsthand, and growing as a teacher in a new environment.  

Outside of school, Ms. Ghobrial enjoys hiking, camping, and kayaking (which is perfect for our Colorado climate), as well as cooking, writing, and reading. Her favorite novel genre is science fiction. 
Ms. Ghobrial can be found in room 2844, or in the English office during her off hours 3rd and 4th period. You can contact her at

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