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New staff profile: Ms. Liefer

Photo Credit: Julia Rippons

Alyssa Liefer is one of the new science teachers for the 2023-24 school year, teaching chemistry and physics.

Liefer has been teaching for 12 years at the high school level. She feels that she can relate to and communicate well with high schoolers.

“I like being able to do something different every day. I like helping my students make those connections and just seeing that lightbulb go off,” states Liefer.

When asked what inspires her to teach, Liefer explains, “I had a couple of really good teachers when I was in high school.” Liefer had a fantastic chemistry teacher who taught her a lot about what she now teaches. This helped her get a scholarship to Regis University in Denver, where she attended college.

Liefer enjoys many aspects of Heritage, including the overall vibe, friendliness, collaboration, and supportiveness of staff and students. She emphasizes the connections she’s made with her fellow peers when saying, “I like collaborating together to make our teaching better.”

She has had a great experience at Heritage so far and looks forward to continuing connecting and helping her students.

Outside of school, Liefer enjoys reading, cooking, and swimming. She also enjoys being outdoors and hiking with her family and 8 year old daughter.

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