Scarlet Regiment finds success

Within the first few weeks of school, the Scarlet Regiment has already brought home a high ranking in the State Fair Parade. They placed second in the 4A division, second overall and were awarded the highest music scores at the competition. The Scarlet Regiment is Heritage’s Competitive Marching Band. They put in hours of work each week to achieve these placements. Elizabeth B., 22’, a percussionist and member of the front ensemble, describes their regular practice schedule as long, but necessary to make progress throughout the year.

“A normal marching band practice after school is two and a half hours, where we go over fundamentals, drills, and work on making our performance smooth to improve our show,” says Elizabeth B.

These practices help perfect their show for competitions that start in August and end in early November. While it is obvious that the Scarlet Regiment are hard workers, many of them make it a priority to create a close bond. Percussionist and member of the front ensemble, Natalie J., ’23, elaborates on the environment within the Scarlet Regiment.

“I love how we all become friends and spend our free time together, it really feels like a little family,” comments Natalie J.

The Scarlet Regiment described their staff as the reason for their success and their inspiration to push themselves. They are eager to put what the staff has taught them into competitions since Covid-19 delayed them for so long. While they all spend time practicing a variety of different instruments in small groups, they find time in every practice to come together and complete their favorite tradition.

“As a band, we do dismissal together, where the drum majors yell ‘all for one, one for all,’ and it’s a big moment where we feel united,” Elizabeth B. describes.

While the Scarlet Regiment continues to intensely train and grow closer as a group, they also enjoy trying new things. Natalie J., 23’, is an excellent example of doing so.

“I enjoy learning a new instrument even if it is kind of hard, it is challenging and that is why I love it,” states Natalie J.

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