HHS winter choir concert

By Halley VanDeroef

All three Heritage High School choirs performed on Wednesday, Dec. 8, in the theater. Concert choir, women’s ensemble and men’s ensemble performed for the first time in almost two years.

“Choir has been fun and exciting so far. Mr. Fisher has worked so hard putting together our concert. The performance was fun because a lot of people were there to support us,” states Alyssa J ’25.

The choirs had been practicing since the beginning of the school year, so many choir students were proud of their performances.

“The concert was good, and all the other singers were so good, everyone put a lot of effort into the concert and their performance,” Novaya U., ’25

The theater was full of students, parents and teachers. They had a large audience and a creative performance that included a variety of soloists. The winter concert was just under two hours with men’s ensemble performing a musical one act that they wrote at the end.

Each choir had its own unique presence. Soloists performed some holiday songs as well as a handful of songs from the movie ”Nightmare Before Christmas.” Choir director, Mr. Fisher, was thanked and acknowledged at the end of the concert. Students presented him with flowers, thanking him for his valuable time and dedication to the music department.

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