Anna Copeland begins teaching at Heritage

By Jules Ford

Anna Copeland is a new Learning Support Services (LSS) teacher at Heritage. 

This is Copeland’s 11th year teaching. She teaches two Academic Support classes and an English Fundamentals course. Copeland says she came to Heritage for an opportunity to work with high school students, her favorite age group to work with.

  “I really really like it. I love my LSS team. They’re very supportive, and I really like the students. I think the students here are really fun,” says Copeland.

  Copeland is looking forward to watching her students achieve their learning goals and she’s excited to see the energy Heritage students will bring to the table this year. 

Copeland was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. after graduating high school. Copeland says she loved Filipino literature in high school and loves to read, bake and ski outside of school.

“I like being at Heritage and being around the people here. I feel like I can really belong here,” states Copeland.

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