Haines impacts HHS

Meghan Haines is a new member of the HHS staff this year. She is a counselor and the new girl’s varsity basketball coach. 

Mrs. Haines grew up in Virginia and moved to Colorado four years ago. She was a counselor at Goddard Middle School before coming to Heritage. Mrs. Haines has worked  in counseling for five years. She really likes being with highschoolers and helping them transition.

She is passionate about counseling because she’s always liked being a safe place for people to vent and talk about what’s going on. She likes to create an environment where you can just come and have a non judgmental person help you figure it out step by step. 

She describes her methods as ¨Very calm, and direct but in a very empathetic, and helpful way. So if you come to me I will absolutely help you get to the next step.¨

Ms. Haines came to Heritage because she “Always liked it every time I came to visit and,  had a lot of kids from Goddard come here and felt very comfortable “

Ms. Haines has really enjoyed her experience so far. She says  ¨It’s been wonderful because I start in the summer basically with all of the basketball girls, and that was super fun and everyone’s has  been super nice and helpful.¨ 

She says her mom inspired her to become a counselor because she is a fourth grade teacher: ¨I always saw her grading papers and I knew I didn’t want to grade papers so I became a counselor, but I saw how helpful she always was.¨  

In Haines’ Free time she likes to “Binge watch terrible reality TV,” walk her two dogs, Champion and Bailey and hang out with her friends.¨

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