Harry Styles comes to Colorado

By Halley VanDeroef

Harry Styles came to the Ball Arena in Denver on Sept. 7 to perform his Love on Tour. Several Heritage students and staff members went to the concert.

Jenny Lewis opened for Styles. The Love on Tour event was rescheduled because of Covid-19. This tour was originally supposed to take place in 2020.

Makenna Mino, ’25, Attended the concert and commented on the former One Direction member’s performance style.

“The best part about the concert was when someone threw their shoe on stage and Harry said, ‘Whose shoe is this?’ in the middle of his hit song ‘Kiwi’,” states Makenna M, ’25.

The cheapest tickets were $150 for nosebleed seats with some people paying up to $2000 for seats that were right next to Styles. Over 15,000 people went to the concert. Styles sang 17 songs including the encore.

Styles started his career in 2010, and since then, his career has skyrocketed as an independent artist selling out stadiums. Styles has done two solo tours but has done four other tours with his old band, One Direction. Styles has a backup band of six members.

“I would go to another Harry Styles concert. I loved how engaging he was with the crowd,” states Alyssa M, ’25.

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