Underclassmen prepare for finals, different study methods

By Allison Mogg

Students at Heritage are stressed about the finals that take place the week of Dec. 13-17. Final exams are given to assess the learning that students achieve over the course of the semester. Teachers, staff and upperclassmen have been reaching out to underclassmen to help them get ready for the tests to come.

Many freshmen have expressed their fears for the upcoming assessments. While students in middle school take tests often, they don’t experience finals until high school. This makes finals even more stressful for underclassmen because it is a new experience for them. Finals are also stressful for upperclassmen, but they still are trying to help.

The Flight Center is new to Heritage this year and is a place where students can go in and get help from upperclassmen. The resource is especially helpful for underclassmen as senior Camden K. explains.

“The Flight Center is great for freshmen because it is run by upperclassmen who have most likely taken the classes that the students are struggling with. They can go in for help solving problems and understanding the content,” says Camden.

With finals coming up so soon, students are studying more than ever. Students are having to learn how to study for high school and try out new study methods. The flight tutor center is also a resource for students to learn how to study and try out new methods.

“My personal favorite study method is Quizlet because I can star questions that I struggle with and come back to them. I can also focus on the vocab a lot with Quizlets. I also use my teachers’ study guides,” describes Camden.

Along with upperclassmen, teachers are also trying to help students feel ready for the stressful week. Biology teacher Geoffrey Brinker encourages students to come in and get help understanding content to feel a little more confident going into the test.

“My door is always open for my students during my office hours. I encourage students often to come in and get help whenever they need it,” explains Brinker.

Using resources, getting help from teachers and upperclassmen, learning how to study for exams and understanding how finals work helps students feel a little calmer and ready for the big days ahead. Councilor Mary Abbott explains this.

“I know finals can be super stressful, but take a deep breath and know that things are going to be okay. I encourage students to use their resources. Instead of thinking about all the bad things that could happen, think about all the resources you have and start to understand how your finals will work. Know that your counselors are here for you if you need to talk. Don’t hold all your feelings in and find a trusted adult or a friend to figure it out,” encourages Abbott.

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