Students on Heritage Dress Code

By Isa Thornber

This 2022/2023 school year, Heritage High School administration has decided to be more strict in regards to enforcement of dress code. With evolving trends and fashion, it has been suggested by students that the dress code is outdated and makes it difficult to find outfits that are both appropriate and trending. Because of this, many students are dissatisfied with these recent changes to the school’s means of enforcement. 

Due to COVID-19, many classes have not been able to fully experience a full school year in person. This being said, many students were not aware of the dress code of years prior, and are therefore unable to point out changes from the past years to this year. 

Upperclassmen, on the other hand, have experienced the changes to the dress code before, during and after Covid, through this year. Senior Natalie Rubio-Meza states that she has definitely noticed the stricter enforcement of dress code. Rubio-Meza says, “I think the new dress code limits people’s creativity and doesn’t allow them to express themselves. I also think it’s misogynistic in the way that it’s targeted towards females. I think it’s too strict- for example if a girl shows even one inch of midriff they have a chance of getting dress coded.” 

Andy Van, ’23, agrees, stating that the dress code is not equally enforced. Both Rubio-Meza and Van express that after the change in dress code, they have been unaware of the specific requirements necessary to be within the dress code. 

Both seniors state that they don’t believe people should have to change the way they dress to avoid a dress code violation. Neither Van nor Rubio-Meza will buy new clothes with the intent of fitting the dress code. 

This year’s change in dress code has caused conflict within the student body. Many students are hopeful for a change for both equality and convenience purposes. 

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