A Review of ‘It Takes Two’

“It Takes Two” is a cooperative action-adventure game made by Hazelight Studio. It features a split-screen multiplayer design and follows the story of Cody and May, a married couple contemplating divorce who have been trapped inside the dolls of their daughter, Rose. The game challenges players to adapt to new mechanics and work together to fight abandoned household items and journey across a variety of rooms to repair their relationship and reach their daughter. “It Takes Two” has won Best Multiplayer Game at the 2021 Game Awards and Best Design at the 2022 Game Developers Choice Awards.

I highly recommend “It Takes Two” as a game to play with a friend or significant other. Cody and May’s skills perfectly complement each other and make the game one of the most cooperative I have ever played. The introduction of new player features keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting, and listening to the characters’ dialogue is amusing and fun. The game’s chapters are not too frustrating and are instead just the right amount of challenging. “It Takes Two” has a cute story, in-depth gameplay and bright colors, as well as good music and sound effects, reflecting the effort of the developers who made the game. If you’re looking for a fun and easy game to pick up and play, this is the one.

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