Car Seat Headrest Band Goes on Tour for Album ‘MADLO’

“Making a Door Less Open” is the 12th studio album released by renowned indie band Car Seat Headrest. The experimental electronic rock record features 11 vastly different tracks, spanning a brief 47 minutes. A controversial release within the Car Seat community, “MADLO” stirred various opinions on singer and songwriter Will Toledo expanding his musical horizons. 

The album released May 1, 2020, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. The sudden quarantine made touring near impossible for the band, and only recently were they able to resume their shows. Kicking off on Mar. 16, 2022, and spanning 34 total days, Car Seat Headrest’s Masquerade Tour is coming to an end. On the anniversary of their hit album “Teens of Denial,” their final concert will take place on May 20.

Will Toledo’s new performance costume also debuted with the Masquerade Tour. Toledo took the stage in a gas mask with fluorescent eyes and fabric dog ears, an eye-catching neon construction site hoodie and matching cargo pants. The new character strongly resembles the character Trait, coming from Car Seat Headrest drummer Andrew Katz’s satirical side project 1 Trait Danger. 

The concert has been a hit. The cohesive lighting between the stage and Toledo’s costume makes the performance powerful, immersive and full of old and new songs. Since signing with Matador Records in 2015, Car Seat Headrest’s fanbase has grown exponentially. Many fans knew all the songs by heart, and the atmosphere was especially connected between stage and crowd.

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