Teacher Feature: Scott Boulter

 Scott Boulter, one of Heritage’s new math teachers, begins his first year teaching in Colorado for the 2022-2023 school year.

Mr. Boulter has been teaching different levels of math for nine years at a school in the suburbs of Chicago. He coached basketball and softball at his previous school, which he plans to do at Heritage.

“I love coaching, and I love sports; baseball is my favorite, but pretty much any sport I love watching and participating in!” exclaims Boulter.

Boulter finds his work extremely rewarding, as he loves to build caring relationships with all of his students.

“Helping students achieve their goals and seeing that lightbulb light up when they initially understand something they didn’t understand earlier, as well as helping them become more well rounded human beings is extremely rewarding,” Boulter explained.

Within his first couple weeks, Boulter noticed that the Heritage culture is extremely positive.

Boulter elaborated, “I definitely feel like Heritage has a very welcoming environment everywhere. No matter what ethnicity you are, no matter how you identify, I get that feeling that everybody is very welcoming and accepting, and it’s great. There’s a lot of negativity going around in the world, and Heritage does their best to keep everything positive,”

If a student would like to reach Mr Boulter, his email is SBoulter@lps.k12.co.us. If it is important to reach him in person, he is located in room 3841, where he is stationed most of the time. If Boulter is not in his classroom, check the softball fields, where he will be coaching the junior varsity team.

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