Heritage Welcomes Ms. Pool

The social studies department this year gained a new teacher, Ms. Emily Pool. She has been teaching for 11 years now and loves her job

“I love getting to talk about history all the time and I love getting to be (hopefully) a positive example for high schoolers as they are in formative years of their life,” says Pool when describing her career.

Over 11 years, she has changed a lot professionally. “I used to be very lecture based, kind of cut and dry … Now I’m so much more project based and discussion based and it’s way more fun that way for me and also for the students,” she says.

Pool loved Heritage from the moment she stepped in the building. “Everything about my tour with the students was so wonderful, and everything about my interviews with admin and my colleges now was just exactly what I wanted to hear. “
Pool has also extended her passion for history outside of the classroom making content online, including a well followed Tik Tok. “What I really like about tick tock is… it democratizes learning which means that everyone who has access to tick tock on their phone can learn anything that all of these awesome creators are posting out on their tick tock. It’s free access to education”
Heritage is so excited to welcome Ms. Pool to our community!

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