Eras Tour Movie Exceeds Expectations

When I found out I was going to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie, I was so excited. I’ve listened to Taylor since I was young and I’ve loved seeing her music evolve. Almost all of the dates were sold out and tickets prices had skyrocketed for her tour. Although I was sad I wasn’t able to go to her actual tour, I loved the movie and so many little girls stood up and danced to the songs in the theater. Even the moms and parents got up and danced too. I will say though, there were quite a few older people who just sat in their seats the whole movie. Another really fun part of seeing the movie was getting to dress up. There were people mainly in Reputation and Red outfits.

The main question I asked myself going in was whether or not it was going to be a similar experience to seeing her perform. Honestly, it definitely felt different because a lot of the shots in the movie are Taylor herself up close, which we all know that people didn’t have the same view as the cameras. One of my favorite parts of the movie was seeing her outfits. I absolutely loved Reputation, Fearless, Bad Blood and the Midnights outfits. They were all so sparkly and I felt they all matched her songs perfectly. Overall, seeing the Eras Tour Movie was incredibly fun, not only watching the movie but seeing everyone else who loves Taylor Swift, dressing up and getting to sing to all of her songs even in the theater.

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