Stephanie Fast begins counseling at Heritage

By Jules Ford

Stephanie Fast is a new counselor at Heritage, working with all students with last names E-K. Fast taught seventh-grade language arts at Euclid Middle School and was an elementary school counselor with Franklin and TOPS before coming to Heritage. 

“I always wanted to be a high school counselor and Heritage seemed to be the perfect fit for me to see past students from Euclid,” states Fast.

Fast loves the energy she has been able to experience with students and staff at Heritage during her time here thus far.

“I love meeting with students and staff. I love the autonomy students have and having students be able to come to visit me. I also think there is something for everyone at this school, through clubs, activities and different groups of friends,” says Fast.

Fast reports that she would like to get to know her students better. Fast is looking forward to having more normalcy back in school life at Heritage, and she is excited for upcoming events, such as homecoming, pep assemblies and spirit weeks. 

Fast played cello in high school, with her favorite subjects being language arts and orchestra, and currently loves hiking, skiing, tubing, running, and getting her nails done outside of school. When asked what her spirit animal would be, Fast replies that it would have to be a dove. Fast has a tattoo of a dove that symbolizes peace and tranquility.

“Even though I’m not always peaceful, I try my best to have more peace and tranquility in my life,” explains Fast.

Fast is available in the counseling during the school day pertaining to scheduling and walk-in availability.

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