Rookie year at Heritage

Mr. Casey Deutsch touched down in the Eagle’s nest for the first time this year, joining as a part of the Heritage art department. Deutsch teaches Drawing, Painting, Design and Digital Photography. Drawing and painting being his Specialties Deutsch is looking forward to learning more about teaching other subjects this year. 

“When I walked in the doors of Heritage on my first day it brought me back to my high school, it felt like home,” says Deutsch.

 This is Deutsch’s seventh year teaching. Before coming to Heritage, Deutsch taught art in multiple African countries for three years and most recently at Rocky Mountain Prep in Denver. He also spent some time in the Peace Corps where he raised and housed five donkeys.  He plans to bring his experiences and style to continue developing and perfecting the art program at Heritage.

“It’s always been my dream to teach high school. I’ve taught all around the world at different grade levels; I’ve always known this is where I belong” explains Deutsch.  

Deustsch is enjoying his time at Heritage so far. Aside from teaching, Mr. Deutsch loves being outdoors doing activities like snowboarding and backpacking. And most importantly Deutsch is really looking forward to working at heritage this year.

“I’m most excited how open and willing kids are to take risks in their projects and just how kind everyone has been. I’m not used to having kids thank me on the way out the door. It’s really nice everytime that happens it makes me smile,” says Deutsch.

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